Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide free soccer cleats to the soccer-loving families of Pompton Lakes and Riverdale in order to help alleviate the economic burden of the sport.

What do we do?

Thousands of perfectly good cleats get thrown in the trash every year! Why is this happening, might you ask? Kids outgrow cleats fast, many of these cleats still have months of life left in them. We collect these cleats and give them back to the community for free.

Let's guide you through the process


  1. Collection bins are placed at PLRSA fields throughout season

  2. Players leave cleats (Outdoor, turf, and/or indoor) in bins

  3. Bins emptied weekly


  1. Cleats are hand examined for quality (Cleats that are too far gone will be disposed of properly)

  2. Cleats are sterilized and adjusted

  3. Cleats are then packaged and placed into storage


  1. Planning is made for a pick up event

  2. Public is informed about location, time and date.

  3. Event is held at beginning of season and cleats are distributed.